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Tear Offs


Tear Off Type & Pack Quantity: GOX/EKS-S 10 pack

*These tear offs are for all EKS Brand EKS-S, GOX models as well as all BEER Optics models.

EKS Brand offers the “Quick Snap” tear off system for the EKS-S, GOX, Beer Optics goggle as well as the XGROM goggle. The integrated lens tear off posts allow the tear offs to be loaded easily with a quick action release for a confident pull. The 2-mil clear material offers the optimal clarity and vision.

EKS Brand laminated tear off system offers the ultimate in tear off technology. The GOX laminated tear offs come in 14 and 28 packs and each pack is divided into stacks of seven. The patented laminated tear off technology allows the rider to add multiple stacks of seven tear offs to their goggle with very little vision loss or distortion. 28 individual tear offs stacked onto a goggle is like looking through four or five standard tear offs!


  • EKS-S, GOX, and Beer Optics models use the same tear off.
  • XGROM tear offs only fit the XGROM youth goggle.
  • Zip-Off XL First Turn tear offs only fit the Zip-Off XL System.