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Lucid Zip-Off 45mm System


The LUCID goggle offers one of the widest fields of view available in a goggle. It also allows the goggle to utilize a class-leading 45mm extra-tall roll-off system for absolute clear vision on the ugliest of days.

The LUCID WAVELATCH is a new type of lens locking system that keeps the XDO injected lens secure and sealed tight. It allows the rider to quickly swap-out their lens to another tinted lens or Zip-Off system with just the slide of their thumb. Easy and quick!

The EKS BRAND Lucid Zip Off’s come standard with two rolls of ultra thin film, an injection molded anti-fog coated lens help prevent any condensation or fogging. The Lucid Zip-Off lens also includes integrated bearing film strips to allow the film to slide effortlessly across the lens.

Two Zip Off canisters, a motor side and a spool side and a moisture visor to keep dirt and wetness from penetrating under the film.

The EKS Brand Zip Off’s allow the rider to have nearly 35 pulls of clear vision to get through a race or a long day of riding.

  • XDO injection molded lens
  • XDO lens features hard coat & anti-fog treatment 
  • WAVELATCH quick-change lens tabs
  • Integrated zip-off bearing strips
  • 45mm Zip-Off canister system
  • 2 - rolls fo 45mm film
  • 1 - Zip-Off visor
  • 1 - 10 pack first-turn tear-offs included

Goggle Compatibility:

  • Lucid Goggle